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QCMI provides complete services for electronic contract manufacturing; PCBAs, Cables, Box Build, and Electromechanical Assemblies. The processes and services required for each project are unique and are custom tailored to fit the customer’s particular needs. We provide support to customers during the design phase, prototype, pre-production, and all production stages. QCMI also offers full ship to end user and warranty repair services.

We provide full engineering support for all of your electronic manufacturing projects. Design for Manufacturing (DFM) assistance, documentation creation, process design, and electrical testing are just some of the areas that we support. Learn more on our Engineering Page.
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  Material Control
We provide full turnkey, consigned, and hybrid (combination) material acquisition options. QCMI has the knowledge, experience, and financial security to manage the complete supply chain. Learn more on our Materials Page.
Supply Chain Management  
  Circuit Board Assembly
QCMI utilizes the latest technology equipment and a highly skilled workforce to assemble SMT, BGA, and Thru-Hole technologies. Our assembly processes consistently yield high quality, high reliability assemblies to a diverse electronics industry. Read more on our Printed Circuit Board Assembly Page.
Printed Circuit Board Assemblies  
Mechanical Assembly
QCMI specializes in box build, electromechanical assembly, and full product assembly and testing. We also offer complete services for mechanical box, enclosure, and cable design. Learn more on our Mechanical Assembly Page.
Mechanical Assemblies