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Company Mission
Our dedication to quality and excellence is represented by the Quality Policy and Management Commitment statements below from the QCMI Quality Manual.

QCMI is committed to exceeding customer expectations and increasing customer satisfaction. All QCMI employees participate in meeting the Quality Policy.

QCMI Quality Policy
QCMI is committed to providing quality products and services by meeting or exceeding our customer's expectations through consistent manufacturing and process improvement.

Management Commitment
We constantly strive to improve our knowledge and to keep abreast of the ever-changing technology in our field. It is through this dedication and striving to be the best that results in QCMI being a leader in electronics manufacturing.

From the simplest circuit board to the most complex, QCMI offers a process tailored to individual needs while maintaining the highest quality standards.

QCMI is committed to communicating the importance of meeting customer as well as regulatory and legal requirements throughout the organization.