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Mechanical Assembly and Box Build

QCMI offers complete electro-mechanical assembly services including box build, subassembly, and complete product contract manufacturing. We produce high quality mechanical assemblies for a variety of sectors of industry. In addition to full mechanical assembly services, QCMI provides enclosure and cable design, electrical testing, burn-in, ship direct to end user, and 3rd party warranty repair service.

  Dedicated Facilities
QCMI maintains dedicated facilities for mechanical assembly and testing of your complete product build. We also utilize material stock facilities separate from our electronic stockroom to provide for the unique material handling requirements of mechanical assembly.
Mechanical Assembly Line  
  Test and Burn-in
QCMI provides testing at the subassembly level or full functional test of the completed product to your specifications. Our technicians carry out troubleshooting and repair on process fallout and field returned units as part of our testing or warranty repair service. We can also perform product burn-in as part of the testing program if required.
Burn-in Rack  

Mechanical Box / Enclosures
Utilizing our in-house resources as well as those from our strategic partnerships, QCMI provides complete services for design and manufacturing of mechanical components and enclosures. We Provide support for aluminum, steel, stainless and plastic materials as well as paint, powder coating, and anodized finishes. Contact us today to learn how we can assist with your mechanical manufacturing and enclosure projects.

Mechanical Box and Enclosure, Design, Metal Fabrication, Machining  
Cable Design and Assembly
Relying on QCMI in-house resources as well as assistance from our strategic partners, we can provide design and manufacturing services for all of your cable needs. You will find that our cable design services focus on cost, reliability, and manufacturability of not only the cable but of subsequent assembly processes as well. Whether the need is simple lead wires or complex cables, QCMI can assist with design and manufacturing.
Cable Design and Assembly