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Material Control
For dependable quality and on-time delivery of your products it is important to choose a contract manufacturer that has the knowledge, experience, tools, and financial security to manage the entire supply chain. Whether manufacturing requires turnkey, consigned, or a combination of material acquisition options, QCMI provides an accurate and reliable material program.

Inventory Management
QCMI utilizes sophisticated MRP/ERP software tools to manage inventory levels and maintain critical control of material cash flow. Through the use of blanket orders and supplier shared material burdens, we are able to keep inventory exposure manageable. Many customers benefit from the greater flexibility of ordering and scheduling when using our experience and real world approach to material management.

Supplier Relationships
Our relationship with manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors has always been of great importance to us. We are well known as a dependable, financially responsible company and it has established QCMI as a reliable procurer of electronic components, subassemblies, and mechanical parts.

Strategic Partnerships
QCMI has established partnerships with high quality metal fabricators, cable manufacturers, component, encapsulation and conformal coating suppliers. The partnerships enable us to obtain exclusive pricing and preferred customer treatment for many required manufacturing elements. Customers placing orders with QCMI take full advantage of the benefits of the partnerships that we have developed.

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