Engineering Banner, Documentation, BGA, Stencil, Electronic Troubleshooting

QCMI offers engineering services to support all of your contract manufacturing projects. Our engineering department provides support for PCB and mechanical assembly during design, prototype, and all levels of production and testing. Our skilled technicians meticulously study the documentation to determine the most efficient and reliable processes to assemble your products to exacting standards.

  Documentation Control
QCMI assembly documentation and manufacturing programs are generated utilizing Aegis Industrial Software. The software allows assembly documentation and machine programs to be generated directly from design and Gerber Files, insuring speed and accuracy. All manufacturing documentation and software programs are under strict control of the QCMI engineering department.
Engineer at Computer  
  Process Engineering
In addition to creating documentation and programs, fixtures, and thermal profiles to be used for production. Special processes and procedures are developed as necessary depending on the unique requirements of each project.
Temperature Profiling  

Electrical Testing
QCMI provides full electrical test services for assemblies manufactured in our facilities. Depending on project requirements, testing can be performed at the PCB, sub-assembly, or full product functional test level. Firmware installation, burn-in, trouble-shooting and repair are also performed as part of the testing solution. We offer 3rd party warranty repair services for testing and repair of field returned customer products.

Electrical Testing  

Enclosure and Cable Design
Utilizing our engineering resources, our expertise focuses on cost control, quality, reliability, and maximum manufacturability benefit.

Mechanical Box Design