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About Us
QCMI is a high quality contract manufacturing company that provides assembly solutions for customers in many diverse sectors of industry including utilities, medical, military, class A railroads, and consumer and industrial electronics.

We are a full service contract manufacturer that provides material acquisition, engineering, circuit board assembly, mechanical assembly, full product box build, and electrical test services.

Founded in Colorado Springs, Colorado in 1988, our 13,000 sq. ft. facility features state of the art equipment offering flexibility and quality manufacturing processes for the electronics industry.

We are a privately held, financially secure company that maintains excellent relationships with our suppliers, ensuring long-term supply chain reliability.

QCMI believes that providing exceptional quality and customer service should be the number one goal. We take obligations seriously and strive continuously to exceed our customer's expectations.

Our Strength
An experienced, well-trained support team meticulously studies the assembly process, both prior to and during production. The staff ensures that the materials are on time and the methods used yield high quality products that are efficiently assembled.

Qualified and dedicated manufacturing teams use their skills and a genuine pride in workmanship to assemble your products to exacting standards.

Extensive manufacturing engineering, quality assurance, and management experience has given QCMI the reputation as a leader in quality and service in electronics manufacturing.

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